Pension Lido

Detailed Description Pension Lido

Guest House LIDO Piatra Neamt offers accommodation in the Centre of Piatra Neamţ, in a excellent three star hotel with 28 beds in 14 twin rooms and double bed rooms equipped with modern furniture, LCD TV, cable-TV, wireless internet, bathroom, central heating and other amenities: late check-in, room service, TV room, coffee-bar, restaurant, dining room, kitchen , GSM signal, free car park within the limits of available seats, etc.

Tariffs - Pension Lido

-accommodation in STANDARD room with shared bathroom-70 RON/room/night
-accommodation in comfort room-100 RON/room/night
-accommodation in SUPERIOR Room-100 RON/room/night
-accommodation in DELUXE room-110 RON/room/night
-DELUXE room accommodations *-120 RON/room/night

Point Of Interest - Piatra Neamt

Museum of history and archaeology in Piatra Neamt

Founded in 1934 by the priest Constantin Macnulty, the Museum of history and archaeology in Piatra Neamt presents the evolution of human communities from Ne


Bistrița River

The Bistrița River is a river in Romania that rises in Rodnei mountains at 1850 m altitude from a min


Church Dărmănești

In Dărmăneşti district , on a plateau that stretches far into the road Targu Neamt Piatra Neamt , attract attention with its massive profile Church " Annunciation "


Tourist route on Three caldrons, Cozla Hermitage: Dear

The hike takes about 4 km long and goes from the Zoological Park area, passing beside the plateau where the Cozla valley "Three Hills" and continue


Bâtca Doamnei Lake

Batca Doamnei Lake was formed in 1962 by crossing out of Hungary and dyke on the left side of a perimeter from the riverbed. Po


Tourist route: picturesque glades on Carloman

Hiking trail on Mount Carloman is the starting point of the street Bogdan Voda , on the western side of the mountain paths Carloman . The trail climbs through meadows a


The Cucuteni Eneolithic Art Museum Piatra Neamt

Founded in 2005, Cucuteni Neolithic Art Museum Piatra Neamt works in the building built in 1928 Charles Egill-1930 and ornamented by the sculptor Vinc


Church Doamna

The Church Doamna is among old churches that today adorn the city of Piatra Neamt. Situated on a small plateau on the righ


County Library Kirileanu

Kirileanu Neamt County Library continues its tradition of over 130 years of reading published in Neamt County. In addition, the l


Calistrat Hogaş House Museum Piatra Neamţ

In Piatra Neamt lies the Memorial House of the writer Calistrat Hogaş novel, the only Museum in the country dedicated to this great man of culture. More