MOUNTING-an easy way (and healthy) to discover nature, heritage, culture, people

The city of Kenora and its surroundings have a special potential mountain cycling (mountain biking), due to the varied landscape, landform, the multitude of natural and cultural attractions.

Mountain biking/Mountain Travel (tourist, recreationally) routinely rule on country roads, forest roads, road car carts, rarely on the paths;
Travel classic "driveway" is carried out in compliance with the rules by road traffic and avoiding very crowded traffic;
Some of the most interesting regions for other bikers in Neamt County:
> Ceahlău Massif (axialul IzvorulMuntelui-Walter)-Cheile Bicazului
> Cycling Route to the monasteries of:
-Piatra Neamt-Horaiţa;
-Piatra Neamt-Bistriţa Monastery
-Piatra Neamt Pângăraţi Monastery
For the guideline is recommended road markings or signs, maps, compass, GPS, or using a guide
They are usually carrying with you everything you'll need ("cyclo-camping" If Dukes and tent)
Practice both in circuit and trails that cross the "linear" sometimes whole regions, countries or continents.
What kind of travel we practice?
cultural(cultural sightseeing some localities and areas with many historical and architectural monuments, sightseeing
archaeological, ethnographical, folk/museums, monasteries, castles, etc. etc.)
natural (enterprise zones valuable landscape, protected natural areas, etc.)
sport (the intentional choice of some difficult or long trails, big differences of level surfaces or rough movements) where practitioners will take this opportunity to make a significant or high physical exertion or even to train (allowing much Ting to do simultaneously sport, tourism and recreation, ....)