Museum of history and archaeology in Piatra Neamt

Detailed Description Museum of history and archaeology in Piatra Neamt

Founded in 1934 by the priest Constantin Macnulty, the Museum of history and archaeology in Piatra Neamt presents the evolution of human communities from Neamt area starting with the Upper Paleolithic until the contemporary era.
This museum is the result of work full of passion of many professionals who have conducted surveys and systematic excavations, which were discovered masterpieces of the most prestigious ancient eneolithic cultures of Europe. Thus, in the halls of the Museum are presented all three phases of evolution of the Cucuteni Culture which is distinguished by painted pottery before firing in the color red, black and white-chocolate and anthropomorphic and Zoomorphic figurines made of terra cotta.
The attraction is the museum pieces that are part of the national cultural heritage treasure, namely: the colonete Bowl, Radeni from Springs-Piatra Neamt, Hora de la Tia and Sobor go goddess.
Along with these, is presented in the Museum and civilization the geto-Dacian-Thracian, medieval settlement, aspects of the history of modern and contemporary eras, the activity of muzeografica in the County and the major events that occurred in the area highlighted by numerous documents, photographs, weapons, medals and items of the era.
In the Museum there are upstairs, furnished room in the memory of "Constantine Silk" which presents the evolution of the museum research intended for temporary exhibitions or sessions and cultural research results and scientific.
Location: str. Mihai Eminescu nr. 10, loc. Piatra Neamt, jud.Neamt
Tel: 0233218108, 0233218270
Sightseeing program:
daily: 9-17 (October-March); 10-18 (April-September);
Enterprise fee:
pupils, students and soldiers-2 lei
-individual and group adults-4 lei
Numismatic Cabinet/temporary exhibitions:
-individual and group-2 lei
Charge of shooting and filming: 10 lei


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