Ethnographic museum Piatra Neamt

Detailed Description Ethnographic museum Piatra Neamt

Museum of Ethnography was founded in 1980 and holds collections of costumes, tools and hand-crafted, traditional peasant, all featuring aspects of farming life and housing people on Bistrita Valley.
This mountain relief in this area has led to the development of the popular architecture of wood, materilalul most often used in traditional peasant buildings. At the same time, wood was also used for the realization of the raft, which by the end of the 19th century, constituted the main means of transport of the Bistrita Valley.
The Interior houses in Neamt is distinguished by a good organization of space, which is why they have been exhibited at the Museum main pieces of furniture and tools from the 19th century, and various textiles including interior and traditional wool rugs woven peasant in vegetable colours. Pictures that insufletesc the walls of the Museum and restore aspects of the life and customs of the people of this area are reproductions from the cliches of glass from the interwar period of Adolph Chevalliere photographer.
Among the objects on display in the Museum may meet: laita, table and bed made from solid wood, box zestere, wool fabrics used for House decoration, traditional folk costumes of three ethnographic areas of the County consist of many pieces of ancient type, etc. A special piece of the Museum is the bundita from Ghindaoani which is representative for the folk arts centres existing at the Ghindaoani and Pain.
Location: Liberty Square No. 1, loc. Piatra Neamt, jud. Neamt
Tel: 0233216808
Sightseeing program:
daily: 9-17 (October-March); 10-18 (April-September);
Enterprise fee:
pupils, students and soldiers-2 lei
-individual and group adults-3 lei
Charge of shooting and filming: 10 lei

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