Museum of Samalkha Art

Detailed Description Museum of Samalkha Art

Art Museum in Piatra Neamt was founded in 1980 and works in the building built in 1930 by the Italians and Vincenzo Puschiasis Carol Egill. This building is situated in the historical centre of the city of Piatra Neamt, location known as the Princely Court of Stefan the great.

The Museum's exhibition includes works by Romanian artists were tethered to Neamt and presents a full picture on the evolution of the Visual Arts in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Thus, we can admire works of painters: n. Tonitza and Gheorghe i. Jasper, Bonnie, Corneliu Baba fr. Sirato, Palmer, and sculptors Ion Irimescu and Ion Jalea.

Representative Romanian art contemporary artists ' works are on display: Simona Vasiliu Quintile Quintile, Spiru, Iulia Halaucescu, Ion Salisteanu, Dan Godfrey, Ion Gheorghiu, Cornelius, Eugene Vasilescu, Ilie Boca, Lascăr Vorel and sculptors: Ovidiu Maitec, Clement Neer, Fleissig and Immaculate Obi.
Alongside the collections of painting, graphics and sculpture and tapestry designs meet ala wife Aurelia Vasiliu Ice which are done in a technique combining traditional folk art with an authentic medieval mural.
Art Museum in Piatra Neamt is also host to the National Art Biennial "Lascar Vorel" a tradition of the city already reached at the 13th edition.
Art Museum Piatra Neamţ has been reopened to the public with effect from 24 June 2013. In 2010-2011, the art museum has seen extensive restoration work, within the framework of the project: Restoration and the historical and cultural area of the Princely Court of Piatra Neamţ.
The theme of the new permanent exhibitions reflect the performance of the two objectives: harnessing the creation of artists who has a continuity of nemteni for over 120 years, contributing to the maintenance and development of the spiritual life of the city, racordându it to national values, the second goal being the capitalization of major donations received by the Museum over the years: Paul Galvin's 1975 donation, donation Valam-Ice (1983) Simona Vasiliu, the donation-quintile median real since 2005 and Iulia Hălăucescu 2009 donation.
It has also pursued and exposing a greater number of works from each author's creation, with due regard to the need for exhibition space and value of important moments in the evolution of Romanian art, starting in the late 19th century to the present. Of the six halls of the Museum of art, five are arranged as permanent exhibition halls, including one room for temporary exhibitions.
Location: Str. P-ta Libertatii nr.1, loc. Piatra Neamt, jud. Neamt
Tel: 0233216808
Sightseeing program:
daily: 9-17 (October-March); 10-18 (April-September);
Monday: closed
Frais de l'entreprise :
Exposition :
élèves, étudiants et soldats-2 lei
-individuelles et collectives adultes-3 lei
Frais de prise de vue et de tournage : 10 lei

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