Calistrat Hogaş House Museum Piatra Neamţ

Detailed Description Calistrat Hogaş House Museum Piatra Neamţ

In Piatra Neamt lies the Memorial House of the writer Calistrat Hogaş novel, the only Museum in the country dedicated to this great man of culture. Built in the year 1885, House-Museum in which lived the writer lies in the Centre of Piatra Neamt, on the street that bears his name and is registered on the list of monuments of National Cultural Heritage arhitectur, due to its architectural style.

Open since 1969, T Haber memorial museum you impress with simplicity and the rustic beauty of this area feature. Although the Museum has undergone over time periods of restructuring, has been preserved until now both the initial structure of the building and the entire universal human and domestic authentic period in which the writer lived.

The atmosphere in the House where Francois Haber has spent most of his life and has been the point of departure in its reconstituted unethically is the smallest details. Thus, we meet here personal objects so dear to the writer who accompanied him on the mountain paths and we know from his books. From the huge hat and robe fabrics and Kylie pantecoasa from Office, nothing is missing from the universe that was once and waiting on you, turistule, to visit.

Known as a tireless traveler and a keen observer of his landscape, swimming T Haber from Neamt County described by him in the opera "on mountain roads" alongside characters full of humor that accompanied him. In his work, Craig Haber presents the unique beauties of the achievements of the world Neamt, described by him is open today, any traveler wants to know.

Location: Str. Calistrat Hogas nr.1, loc. Piatra Neamt, jud. Neamt

Opened Hours:

daily: 9-17 (October-March); 10-18 (April-September);

Monday: closed.

Enterprise fee:
pupils, students and soldiers-2 lei
-individual and group adults-3 lei
Charge of shooting and filming: 10 lei

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