Cozla leisure complex-Piatra Neamt

Detailed Description Cozla leisure complex-Piatra Neamt

The entertainment complex on the Hill Cozla represents one of the most daring achievement of pietrene tourist municipality in recent years. Is still in full development of this resort is the preferred destination of winter tourists come in Piatra Neamt.From the ski slope, the slope of the tubing, the gondola ride up to the hiking trails, tourists find here various opportunities for entertainment and recreation.

Arranged in successive terraces, Cozla Park offers several points of belvedere and surroundings, towards the city, but also the place of departure to hiking trails leading to Carloman, Darmanesti and geomorphological reserve "Caldarile from Cozla." Access to the Park is done all year round on a paved road that goes from Stefan cel Mare street or with the gondola lift and the fastest means of transport, and in the winter there is also possibility to ascend with chair lift installation. Cozla Park is at the base of Park Zoo, a favorite attraction for kids that come to play and admire the beautiful copies of specific animal fauna of Neamt.

In poiana "Three Hills" on Mount Cozla lies station gondola lift arrival, arrival station of the chair lift installation, the tubing slope and the starting point of the ski slope.

Cozla slope is the main attraction in winter for tourists who come to Piatra Neamt and together with tubing slope constitutes a part of the entertainment complex on the Hill Cozla. Access to the ski slope is done either with the car on a paved road that goes beside the Zoo located in Stefan cel Mare street or with gondola lift. Gondola lift starting next station has train station and go up to the station of arrival on the Cozla and represents the fastest means of transportation to the trail. It features 22 gondolas and routing is 6 minutes.

The program of the gondola lift is:
months between 12:30-20:30;
Tuesday-Thursday between 10:00-22:00;
Friday-Sunday between 09:30-23:00.
Cozla ski slope is a slope for the advanced medium level, which is why we recommend tourists to be careful and use full protective equipment. For beginners were brought on the piste ski instructors who will teach you to ski properly. Beside ski tubing slope is located. It has a length of 200 meters and is prepared for all amateurs who want to give a ride through the snow on a huge rubber.
Technical data on the Cozla ski slope:

Length: 965 m
Minimum width: 20 m
Average slope inclination: 27%
Altitude on departure: 647 m
Altitude at arrival = 387 m
Level difference: 260 m
Difficulty: average
Artificial Snow: YES
The lighting installation: Yes
Tag number: 10
Opening hours lift:
Months between 12:30-21:30
Tuesday through Thursday between 10:30-21:30
Friday to Sunday between 10:00-22:30
Cozla Ski-lift rates:

Morning skipass: 50 lei
Skipass and night: 50 lei
Subscription Monday-Friday: 140 lei
Ski School subscription Monday-Friday: 100 lei
Children up to 12 years, insotiți at least one parent paying the skipass will have 50% discount on the same type of skipass bought parent! Example: one day lift pass adult + child = 120 lei!
Price per Adult: 7 Chairlifts climbing lions, Child: 5 lei!
Sking: 5 Euro/2 climbing
Skipass include unlimited travels with both gondola and chairlift.
For skiers or plaque, enthusiasts have slope managers solutions economically most advantageous financially. Thus, there are skipass or cards with points that provide access to cross-country for periods ranging between half a day and 7 days a week. The cards are achitioneaza points of sale located at the base of the slope, and load with points, one point being equivalent to 2 ron ron for adults and children or 1.25 adult groups larger than 20 people.

For further details on how to purchase food/skipass-s go to the link:

Prices for renting equipment:
Full equipment (skis, boots, Poles) adults: 40 MDL for four hours;
Incl. children: 20 euro/four hours;
Snowboard: 45 lei/four hours;
Ski waxing services: 50 euro/pair;
Snowboard waxing services: 85 lei/plate;

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