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Detailed Description Youth Bath

Located at the foot of the mountain and the river Cernegura, this tourist resort and Marina is the largest and most modern in the region by the us City Mayor and Refurbished as a result of an investment of over EUR 4 million, it represents summer destination preferred by tourists who come to Piatra Neamt.
Equipped with swimming pools, tennis courts and football pitches with artificial turf, sand volleyball and basketball courts, skateboard and roller tracks, playground for children, paintball field, sheds, patios, nightclubs and discotheques, this tourist resort receives tens of thousands of annual visitors. All these facilities are to European standards and offers various possibilities of recreation and accommodation required for recreation and rest.
In addition to this complex lies Hipica, "Col. Virgil B.r." which offers sports lovers the possibility of riding is part of the riding school or opt for leisure riding and carriage rides with pleasure.
For lovers of fun were the following leisure facilities:
Land sports:
-turf football field with floodlights and equipped with detachable authorized FRF;
-3 tennis courts with artificial grass pavimentat arranged accordingly to European standards;
-1 tennis court surface bitumen field;
-1 bitumen surface basketball court;
-bitumen surface volleyball court;
-track rollers and skateboards.
Ice rink:
Rink has a capacity of 220 people and an area of 648 square meters, with a total length of 36 m and a width of 18 m is illuminated at night and equipped with refrigeration plant for the production of artificial ice.
Swimming pools:
The complex has 2 swimming pools, one Olympic-sized with a 1.80 m depth and 4.60 m and the other small, with an area of about 40 square meters. Small basin has irregular shape and low depth under a meter being especially for children, but also those who do not know how to swim.
Recreational complex across the Valley Piatra Neamt offers its guests who wish to check in a total of 64 holiday houses, broken down into 4 districts, as follows:
IBIZA district consists of 3 luxury double cabins are equipped with private bathroom, heating and tv.
MALIBU district consists of 9 double cabins. The boxes have the downstairs living room equipped and furnished and double bedroom located upstairs. Each box has central heating, bathroom and tv.
RIVERA and ROLAND GARROS neighborhoods are made up of 40 holiday houses. These sheds are each equipped with a tv and shared bath.
For reservations at the boxes and complex information about the prices: Tel. 0755081481
Restaurants awaits you in the complex are:
The Rustic restaurant is a traditional Romanian restaurant which offers you more than just a pleasant ambiance in a framework "as at home".
For reservations: Tel. 0745923700
Restaurant Monte Carlo is a 4-star restaurant all intended for those who wish to spend in an urban setting and elegant.
For reservations: Tel. 0744920585 or 0748187415
Tequila Club restaurant is a restaurant that offers besides food and drinks, billiards tables and a Bowling Alley arranged at European standards.
For reservations: Tel. 0233214440 or 0742134252


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