Cozla Park Zoo

Detailed Description Cozla Park Zoo

Located close to downtown, Stefan cel Mare Street and next to the road that climbs towards the huts were Outlaws, and housewives ' arrival of the gondola lift, the Zoo at the base of Mount Cozla houses animal species representative of the local fauna. So, visitors can admire specimens of bears, wolves, foxes, deer, deer and birds. A unique thing that we meet here is the Chipmunks that descends after food that you find at the Zoo in the forests of Mount Cozla. Also, you can follow the slender jumps among the tree branches of bushy-tailed rodent. Inside the park there is also a pool with a fountain where you can see some handcraft of turtles.
Because they do not have enough space in order to ensure proper conditions of a large number of animals, Zoological Garden managers were forced to give up the only "King" you had in caregiving, a lion. For this reason, it is intended to purchase a family of monkeys represent exotic attraction Park zoo.
For children who come to visit the animals were arranged inside the Zoological Garden and a play park for their attendants is a terrace with several banks, so that they are able to spend their time on more enjoyable. Though not a big Zoo, and copies of which you can see here, there are numerous, this is a real attraction and a delight for visitors of all ages.
Location: str. Stefan cel Mare, loc. Piatra Neamt, jud. Neamt
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 8:00-20.00

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