Hipica "Virgil Bărbuceanu"

Detailed Description Hipica "Virgil Bărbuceanu"

Situated next to the entertainment complex across the Valley, hipica, "Col. Virgil B.r." in Piatra Neamt was founded in 1986 and is one of the most equipped horse country databases. Here are a few specimens bred and housed horse breed that are known for their merits obtained at competitions, but also for their beauty.

Hipica in Piatra Neamt offers its guests copies of thoroughbred horses specially trained and adapted to mountain trails. Thus, riding sports enthusiasts can initiate in the mysteries of this sport by joining at the riding school or opt for leisure riding and carriage rides with pleasure. During the summer, children can try their talent in the saddle of a pony. Nice Horsey makes quiet tour to the delight of children and the parents ' amusement, having the opportunity to capture in a photograph a landmark in the life of the Elves.

Due to the conditions offered, hipica in Piatra Neamt was elected host of the several stages of the World Cup jumping over obstacles, as well as several national contests.
The whole complex from the hipica impresses through the beauty of the place in which it is located at the base of the mountain and surrounded by Cernegura Bistrita, but also in modern conditions offered by horses.
Location: entertainment complex across the Valley, loc. Piatra Neamt, jud. Neamt
Phone: 0743111616, 0745861035

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