Cozla Hill

Detailed Description Cozla Hill

Tracy hills (530 m), Cozla (679 m) and Cârloman (617 m) and Cernegura (852 m), overlooking the city of Piatra Neamț, on the East, North, and South, respectively, representing except Pietricicăi which is a deal-the last step of the landscapes of the Eastern Carpathians at the contact zone with the Moldavian Subcarpathians.

In the northern part of the city rises the Hill of Cozla, with 657 m altitude at the point called "Three Hills" and 679 m in three-point Buckets "(close to the village of Gârcina). Cozla mountain is shaped like an elongated heights from North to South and is composed of different layers of marne, clay, layers rich South in fossils of fish and seaweed, represented at the Museum of Natural Sciences.

At the point called "Three Hills" there are hiking trails leading to Dărmănești, towards the `marmitelor` area Cârloman or stone called by locals "to the three buckets." Here lies a secluded Cliff carved around gouges with a diameter of approx. 60 cm, whose origin has not met consensus, considering that we are either facing a phenomenon Karst, periglacial, or either the `marmite` wind formed by the action of the winds.

Cozla's were discovered in 1882 mineral waters, chlorine, sodium and sulfur, characterized by the analyses made at that time by Poni and which is used in the treatment of digestive and circulatory diseases. In time nerațională operation resulted in clogging them.

At the foot of the Hill lies the Park and the Zoo. A road paved with a curved stone of granite leads from top hems along set special places where you can look out onto the city.Zoological Park is above the Bistriţa River and above restaurant and bar-restaurant Housewife flower garden



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