Detailed Description Tourist route Piatra Neamt-Ashley-Glasgow

Situated between the mountains, the city of Piatra Neamt is one of the most picturesque settlements of the country which offers tourists numerous and diverse places to visit. A tour of the town and a stroll through the museums where you can discover the history, the tradition and beauty of these places will make you feel like in a little tourist paradise.
Then, you can continue your journey through areas of Roznov, Piatra Soimului, Negulesti and admire the beauties of nature and monuments which are living testimonies of the history of this land. Here are some things to which you must visit in your journey from Burdwan towards Rahhal and Glasgow.
Cozla Park complex Piatra Neamt-is arranged in successive terraces on which stood the "Outlaws" restaurants and huts were "housewives ' Circle". At the core of the Park is landscaped and a small Zoo, a real feast for visitors, including species of local fauna (bears, wolves, deer, foxes, birds, etc.). At the top of the Hill meadow is a very large and full of flowers and herbs, are now the arrival of the gondola lift station, sledging run, the starting point of the ski slope and arrival station of the chairlift installation with which skiers can reach the Hill Cozla.
Museum of natural sciences Piatra Neamt-exhibit of the Museum is conceived as a complex of the monographic presentation of the Neamt County from geological, palaeontological, floristic, faunistic and ecological resurces. Currently, the Museum dispose of approximately 40000 pieces from the collections of fauna and a Fund of over 10000 sheets of Herbarium collections of flora. It also includes a unique collection of fossiled fishs in the world but also exhibits rare flora, fauna and geology of the mountain Neamt.
Cucuteni Neolithic Art Museum-the Museum of art of the Cucuteni Neolithic was inaugurated in the summer of 2005 and its the first Cucuteni Museum from Romania. It works in the body into a new Office in Piatra Neamt, vis-à-vis the City Hall building and has exhibited around 300 pieces within Precucuteni-Cucuteni Cultures, included in the category of "treasure trove" of national cultural heritage.
Online Haber Memorial House-Museum was set up in 1969 in the House where he lived the writer Calistrat Haber (1847-1917).Having a distinctive architectural style house that was built in the year 1885, is registered on the list of monuments of architecture of the National Cultural Heritage. The permanent exhibition comprises family papers, manuscripts, original furniture and personal belongings of the writer.
Dendrological Park stretches out Erik on an area of 3 hectares and is one of the city parks of Roznov. Among the rare species that are found in this park we can mention: silver fir, Jack Pine American snob, Acacia and Japanese yellow. The Park was part of the estate of Boyar Sharda and represented the place where numerous personalities and the old aristocracy came to spend a few days of rest.
St. Nicholas Church-located in Ashley Park, "Saint Nicholas" Church was built in the late 19th century by the renowned owner and politician, Col. Gheorghe Rahiman Sharda. The striking architecture church building is unusual in this area, being detached from the churches dominating Russia.
Luminis Piatra Soimului-area-Negulesti-is a picturesque area where can be admired Veselarul-a natural swimming pool formed in 1940 as a result of landslides that were produced on an area of 3500 square meters. Here are found the scenic waterfall, comparable with Duras by Duruitoarea Waterfall. This area also has a strong historical load of Dacian Fortress ruins that dates Horodistea.
James monastery-monastic Settlement at James is built into a Glade from the western edge of the village of James, surrounded by hilltops. This place was chosen by the hermit Nabi which was forced and asked about these fields and the Valley, mountains and river place. The first building that existed on this site was a wooden church dedicated to St Nicholas "known as" Hermitage "or his" Nabi "James". The Church is a mentioned documentary as there has been on the verge of destruction in 1399-1419.
Monastery of Iasi-Iasi monastic Settlement appears mentioned for the first time in a document of 30 October 1458, when Stefan cel Mare at the request of Abbot Eustathius Monastery, bordered up the Rachitis. In 1496-1497 the construction takes place and the Church wall "Nasterea Maicii Domnului" from Iasi place became the oldest wooden churche built by Alexander the Good.

Area attractions from Piatra Neamt

Ceahlău Massif

Geographical limits


Tracy Hill

Tracy hills (530 m), Cozla (679 m) and Cârloman (617 m) and Cernegura (852 m), overlooking the city of Piatra Neamț, on the East, North, and Sou


Church Of St John The Baptist

In the historical center of the city lies the princely Church of St. John the Baptist, which was built in 1497-1498, as result from the inscription at the entrance:


Church Schimbarea la Faţă din Văleni

Church dedicated to "the Transfiguration" from Valeni-Piatra Neamt is part of those monu


Dear Hermitage

As long as the Court of Dag Dărmănescu, the Sisterhood of the village was used by the Church on the other side of time on the road, in a clearing on


Lascăr Vorel art galleries

At Piatra Neamt there are several art galleries where art lovers can admire and purchase unique works of art created by contemporary Romanian artis


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Touristic route: Piatra Neamt-Bicaz-Baek

Arrived in Neamt you can discover some of the history and culture of this county by visiting the sights that are true testimonials of riches and beautys of this land. More

Route Piatra Neamt – Baltatesti – Tg Neamt

In Neamt County we find invaluable material and spiritual values which are part of the national patrimony and who marked the history of our country, p


Tourist route on Three caldrons, Cozla Hermitage: Dear

The hike takes about 4 km long and goes from the Zoological Park area, passing beside the plateau where the Cozla valley "Three Hills" and continue