Ceahlău Massif

Detailed Description Ceahlău Massif

Geographical limits
Ceahlău Massif is the highest of the Group of mountains of Hungary. It is crossed by the parallel 47 degrees north latitude and the Meridian 25 degrees Eastern longitude. Law has limits: to the North, the Valley of the Bistricioara Lake Izvorul Muntelui, South Valley Gorge, and to the West by the valleys of Bistrelor and Jidanului Pinticului.
The nearest city is Bicaz. At the foot of him, at about 800 m above sea level lies the tourist resort Durău.
Access paths
To the East and North of Bicaz-DN15 stretch Poiana Largului-Tulgheș, South DN12C crosses stretch Bicazu Ardelean-Bicaz.From DN15 veers off the road between secondary DJ155F-Izvoru Muntelui Ceahlau-Durau-Bistricioara.

Nature Preserve
The floristic richness of the Ceahlău Massif, the mountain ecosystem vulnerability and beauty were the reason for declaring the Ceahlău mountain range a National Park, with an area of 7742 ha. Within it are included as protected natural areas: The "Policy with Lilies" (370 ha), Cascada Duruitoarea (1 ha) and has created a range of scientific research, with an area of 5830 ha, between the resort and the Lame Foot Slabs, Seats of the gods-Ocolașul High to the South.
Old Dochia who had a son Ceahlău married against her wish. In a cold winter day, gave him its a Clew of Black wool and has sent it to the River to wash it, telling him not to return until the wool becomes white. The girl tried to wash the wool, but even though his fingers started to bleed, color of wool remained all black. Despair, because he could not return home to her husband, began to cry. Impressed by the girl's pain, Jesus Christ appeared in the track and gave her a red flower asking to wash the wool Thanking him., the girl put the flower in water, washed wool and found with astonishment that the wool was milled. Happy that he managed to complete this hard task, he turned his steps towards the House but was not well received; her mother-in-law, on the contrary, upon hearing this story the girl accused her that Geum Montanum (so he was, because he recognized it's not Jesus) was her lover.After that, along with Judith started his flock to the mountain, being convinced that spring had come already, otherwise where would be able to have Geum Montanum flower? During his trip, he brought out, in turn, twelve coats you wear, until none remained. But the weather has changed. How nice it had been earlier in the day, so ugly its made now. It was snowing and everything had started to freeze. Dochia has frozen along with his sheep, making it, according to legend, onlookers. The rocks can be seen today on Mount Ceahlău massif and is a living testimony of this myth.
Tourist Routes
  • Trail-Resort Durău (780 m)-Cabana Fantanele (1235 m)-Dorobanțului-Cap under the tip of the Wide Stone-under Dm-under the Toaca peak (1900 m)-Tip Lespezi (1805 m)-Cabana Dochia (1770 m)
Marking: red stripe
Walking time: 3 1/2-4 hours
  • Trail-Resort Durău (780 m)-Poiana Badgers (Vesuri)-Cascada Duruitoarea (1250 m)-Poiana Scăiușului-Policy with Ariniș (1555 m)-Curmatura Lame Leg (1765 m)-Cabana Dochia
Marking: Red Cross
Walking time: 4 1/2-5 hours
  • Trail-Resort Durău (780 m)-The Tears-the Duruitoarea waterfall (1250 m)-Poiana Scăiușului-Policy with Ariniș (1555 m)-Curmatura Lame Leg (1765 m)-Cabana Dochia
Marking: Blue Cross
Walking time: 4 1/2-5 hours
  • Izvorul Alb River Trail-Village (500 m)-Valea Izvorului Alb-Cabana Falon (940 m)-Dochia-Rock Gutter with Milestone-Dochia (1770 m)
Marking: blue triangle (old)
Walking time: 5 1/2 to 6 hours
  • Izvorul Alb River Trail-Village (500 m)-Batca Baicului (1174 m)-Curmatura Y red (1015 m)-Culmea Răchitiș-stone with Water-Detunatele-Dochia
Mark: blue stripe

Walking time: 6-6 1/2 hours
  • Route-Cabana Izvorul Muntelui (800 m)-Pârâul Maicilor-Poiana Maicilor-Ocolașul-Ghedeonului-Dochia Chimney

Marking: red stripe

Walking time: 4-4 1/2 hours

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Ceahlău Massif

Geographical limits


Hill Cernegura

Tracy hills (530 m), Cozla (679 m) and Cârloman (617 m) and Cernegura (852 m), overlooking the city of Piatra Neamț, on the East, North, and South, respectively,


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