Dear Hermitage

Detailed Description Dear Hermitage

As long as the Court of Dag Dărmănescu, the Sisterhood of the village was used by the Church on the other side of time on the road, in a clearing on the right bank of the Cuejdiului. It's all about the Hermitage building, Cozla or from oak beams feature strongly religious folk architecture of the 18th century.
As part of the category of churches with cross-shaped plan and the bell tower above the porch, with sânurile and side altar apse well done at greater proportions. The porch on the West side, open on three sides, was perhaps the best-known ornate, supported by turned and colonete bârnele meşteşugit walls were merged after the procedure "dovetail tails".

But what brought an increase in value and beauty in the ensemble of this remarkable sculptural monument was the existing abundance of ornamentation indoors and outdoors. The sole touchstone, there to support the roof and cornice, and the vaults of the three interior rooms were richly adorned with an impressive repertoire of stylized floral motifs. A streak in what surround the Church emphasize elegance of construction, and decoration of the old-day Dragons Portal încolăciţi interior ornamentica of Suceava evokes the era of Stephen the great.
An inscription carved into the beams above the entry particulars keep in touch with the precious beginnings this monument:
"This holy and godly Church called Hermitage in the mount letca Dear ot Dărmăneştii Neamt. And stood in the name of Saints and Crosses with labor expense of God's servant Vasile Sandului and Schivnicul breast călugăriţii Varvarii ot Soveji Monastery ... in the days of the Voievod Grigore Callimachi and Metropolitan Gavriil văleat Kir, 7277 (1769), 10.
From the above it follows that the Church would be Cozla built as a monastery, two in a secluded estate Dărmăneştilor. Until the last several years could be seen traces of cells around the Church, but the number of monks seems to have been quite small. Later, when spreads nearby village church is frequented by locals and parish functions meeting the question.
Unfortunately, I had to talk about this monument to the past tense, because not long ago-they fell prey to a consuming fire.I've mentioned, however, in order to keep it in our recollection, all the more so as he was replaced with old wooden church from Sarata, thus ensuring the continuity of monastic life on Mount Cozla.

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