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In 1930 it was began construction of the Church of Precista in Piatra Neamt, and in 1947 it was sfiintita by the Metropolitan of Moldavia and Suceava, Irenaeus and the Ps Maha Iuatinian, the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, the then vicar of St Mary's Metropolitan of Moldavia and Suceava Parish. At the service attended by the hollowed and Preavenerabilul Priest Konstantin insufletit Byla effect upon the beginning and completing this St. Church.

The plan of the Church is at clubs, Gothic, buttresses, niches, arches ogival, crosses and clashing. It was designed by architects Bolomei and Drodz, entrepreneur being Charles Zanne in Piatra Neamt and sculptor Vincenzo Puschiasis. Inner vault with exterior buttresses of the pillars are made of reinforced concrete, and the Church and basement. The Church is built of reinforced concrete, brick and stone when pressed.

The roof is made of enameled tiles, in the style of his churches, Stefan cel Mare, equipped with two towers octagonal base, atop of which paratrasnetul is installed. Inside the Church impresses through the iconostasis carved in the style of the monastery, and icons in Bisericani iconostasis originate from the old church from 1826. Painting on the walls of the Church in the Byzantine style fresco is evolved by brothers Profeta and Dumitru Irimescu.

Across the road from the current church was built in the old church of Precista year 1826, founder of her being Naathan Sahil Macedonian merchant. This church was enlarged in 1865, and in 1961 was demolished and construction of a 2nd changes for chapels in the village of Grozavesti, Hangu, jud. Neamt.

Location: B-dul Decebal nr. 56, loc. Piatra Neamt, jud. Neamt
Tel: 0233217560

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