Church Of St John The Baptist

Detailed Description Church Of St John The Baptist

In the historical center of the city lies the princely Church of St. John the Baptist, which was built in 1497-1498, as result from the inscription at the entrance:

“Binecinstitorul si de Hristos iubitorul Io Stefan voievod, a inceput si a zidit si a savarsit acest hram in numele Nasterii cinstitului si slavitului prooroc Ioan Botezatorul si Inaintemergatorul, intru ruga siesi si doamnei sale Maria si prea iubitului lor fiu Bogdan voievod, care a inceput a se zidi in anul 7005 (1497) iulie 15 si s-a savarsit in anul 7006 (1498) iar al domniei sale al 40 si doilea curgator, luna noiembrie, 11 zile.”

Of churches of Stefan the great Church in Piatra Neamt is distinguished by a special inner structure through the characteristic form and exquisite style of the Moldavian construction system of that era. Touch of originality to this building is the date the entry is made through a portal stone Gothic on invoice is a sculptural decoration, a less usual case for Prince ctitoriile. Built after a triconch plan with entrance West, House of worship is built of stone and brick and has a roof type with wooden roof covers.

The exterior is distinguished by decorative plastic facades made of perhaps the best-known blind and ocnite of stone and brick appearance, with enamelled ceramic discs and shaped stone in the Gothic style. The Interior of the Church has undergone several periods of restructuring which is why it's hard to be specified if it was done a mural is also called during life. Although the Interior was originally divided after classic system in the narthex, nave and altar, the need for a larger space has led to its modification through an opening in the wall, finished with a strong transverse arch.
Treasure this monument consists of an Tetraevangheliar written in 1502 to Putna from command of Stefan cel Mare, a Diptych wrote in 1792 that year mentions events from this existence founders and numerous icons, silverware and religious books dating back to the 18th-19TH CENTURIES.

Location: P-ta Stefan cel Mare nr. 1, loc. Piatra Neamt, jud.Neamt

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