Lake Izvorul Muntelui

Detailed Description Lake Izvorul Muntelui

Lake Izvorul Muntelui (also known as Bicaz Lake) is a reservoir on the middle course of the Bistrița River 4 km upstream of the town of Bicaz.
Is a dam constructed of concrete weight and joining Mt. Gale with Obcina Horștei, upstream of the junction with Brook Izvorul Muntelui Beszterce. It was built between 1950 and 1960, has a height of 127 meters, a length of 435 m to the forest canopy and a maximum width at base of 119 m (at the same level as blocks), 115 m (at the level of nedeversoare blocks). Geologically it is located in an area of sandstone with siliceous show (Tarcău tiles), the rest being South packs a layer of loamy and conglomerate.Foundation course presents a strong crack.
Access opportunities: Lake Izvorul Muntelui is accessible primarily by road-rail and circumferențial, but (in the South) and, from a distance.

The main route of access is represented by the Bicaz-DN15 stretch Poiana Largului. From the center of the Gorge, so all road coils up on coronamentulbarajului, to engage subsequently left edge of the Lake. After reverts them right-bypassing the viaduct from Poiana Largului, intersecting with DN17B coming from Chakwal. Here is heading first towards the South, then the Bistricioara River towards Up Casey. Because the processes are very active Stânișoarei River modeling: Orhei-rockfall, especially heavy erosion and landslides, maintenance and operation of road to Bicaz-significant difficulties Largu presents.
In San Francisco reached DN12C crosses that descends from the Step from Transylvania Pângărați.

In the South-western area there is only one way, which requires but modernized overhauls. After the initial portion of this road with the call sign DJ155F of Bistricioara (intersection with DN15) and the durau monastery, it climbs to descend towards the municipality of Izvoru Muntelui River and thence onward to the base of the dam, on the right the Bistriţa River. The mountainous portion of the road is very damaged. On the Lake alternative exists only in the form of a White Spring forest road, between the intersection with DJ155F from the village of Ceahlău massif and the scarce access to DN15 dam.
The nearest airports (distances calculated from the Bicaz) are: Bacău (86 km), Iași (156 km) and Târgu Mureș (173 km).


On the left bank-dam-nearby lies arranged a tourist port. Existing Vaporașelor are boats, pedal boats, wooden cottages and a floating hotel. Additional accommodation capacity exists on both sides, in the form of complexes.

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