Reserve of Bisons

Detailed Description Reserve of Bisons

Reserve of Bisons and New Fauna "Dragos Voda" is one of the four bisons reserves existing in our country and is classified as one of the largest nature reserves in Europe exclusive sfintul.Situated in the North of the Neamt County, in the town of Hunters Grove, near the national road DN15 and monastery Neamt, reserve, is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the County.
Reserve of Bisons and New Fauna "Dar-Voda" was founded in 1968, spanning approximately 11500 hectares and is one of the four protected areas included in Vanatori-Neamt Natural Park.
Chronicle Oneşti pullad was the following:
"The first copies of the aurochs, in number three, originating in Poland, were brought in the year 1970, giving them names, and R. V.
In 1974 the first two copies are born Maurizio within reserve boundaries: Sienna-female and male-Roco; in the same year the hosting the filming of some scenes of the film "Hunter Brothers Jderi" and "Stefan cel Mare-Vaslui 1475".
In 1975, in early august, all those 5 bisons, tired of captivity, managed to break the fence of ramshackle tarcului and reach peak Bahadur and poiana Sheds, where they consume the bark of hornbeam, beech, ash and even brad, you were missing in tarcuri. After 3 weeks have been readusi with difficulty in reserve. In the same year, at the end of august, the female dies Rahim as a result of the effort that has been subjected to in connection with the making of the film sequences goanna "Stefan cel Mare-Vaslui 1475", combined with the aim of effort in tarcuri and with a disease.
In 1978, after the dismantling of the reserve from Poiana Brasov, it may bring a male in the "Voda", so that the herd of bisons is up to 10 copies. All this year is bringing in two reserve mouflons, ROE and a pheasant decor-silver and Golden!
In 1982, were transferred to the Reserve of Bisons candy dare-black the next European bisons: Medalist, menthol, Metocika, Meringhia and Rae, abiding in the ' Bradford ', R. zimbroaica and zimbru Ravena.
In 1998, were brought from the Reserve of Bisons candy dare-Black three bisons: Rodion, Guilherme and Pomegranate. All within the reserve there is a total of three ponds (sfintul Deer and Rafter), rich in fish fauna and halt for some species of avifauna for passage, guests of autumn and winter. Starting from 2002, the benefit from a program of modernization and improvement of spaces intended to hold and improve accommodation spaces closer to their natural surroundings, in the framework of the project "Biodiversity Conservation Management" implemented by the administration. "
Within the reserve, besides the aurochs may also encounter: red deers, agein, rafters, Fox, Badger, Hare, bears, wolves and species of avifauna. In a playpen. 4 ha there are only 6 copies of the aurochs, two males and four females who are housed in purpose. The rest up to 28 copies are located in the Park of acclimatization that stretches over an area surrounded by 180 hectares of land. The future is expected to bring four copies of bisons Sweden respectively four females.
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