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Cozla slope is a slope which is red with a medium level of difficulty and length of 950 metres. It has an altitude of 647 metres leaving, 27% inclination and the difference of 260 metres above sea level. Is the average width of 32 meters and has an altitude of 387 metres to the finish. Cozla slope from Piatra Neamț lies on the area of 3 hectares, is equipped with night lights, 5 snow cannons and is serviced by a chairlift with 4 beds and a modern gondola.
Cozla Beginners slope will be a blue slope with a low level of difficulty and will have a length of 2300 metres. Will have a starting altitude at 647 meters, the elevation of 10.7%, level difference of 260 metres, width of 32 metres and an elevation of arrival at 387 metres. Cozla Beginners slope from Piatra Neamt will be equipped with night lights and plant 8 snow cannons.
Schedule of operation of cableway installations (telefericelor) of Cozla Park for the season 2014-2015 is:
Chairlift schedule: 10:00-22:00
Ratrack schedule: 15:00-16:00
Full equipment rental of skiing (skis, ski boots and sticks) or snowboarding (snowboard and boots Board) for adults costs 40 euro/11 hours ago, 20 lei/4 hours for children.
Ski waxing service costs 50 euro/pair of skis and snowboard waxing costs 85 lei/snowboard.
Tubbingul ride costs 3 lei.
Cozla Ski Rates
  • Skipass for a day 80 lei
  • Morning skipass 50 lei
  • Slipass night 50 lei
  • Mon-Fri subscription 140 lei
  • Ski school subscription Monday-Friday 100 lei
  • Children until 12 years of age, accompanied by at least one parent paying the skipass will have 50% discount on the same type of skipass bought parent! Example: one day lift pass adult + child = 120 lei
  • Chairlift price climb adult child 7 lei lei
  • Tips-good to know
Cozla tourist complex consists of ski and snowboard slope letca tubing slope, an igloo of 600 square meters with a height of 10 meters intended for concerts and parties, commercial spaces, rustic restaurant and terrace.
SC Pearl Invest SRL, str. Ștefan cel Mare nr. 5, Piatra Neamț, Neamț County, Tel.: + 40,233,217,167, 0233218008 Information: gondola, Fax: + 40,233,217,167.

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