The Princely Court

Detailed Description The Princely Court

Beautiful edifice of Stefan cel Mare is still preserved today in the city of Piatra Neamt being known as the historical center of the city. Situated on a small plateau, around which grew the present city, architectural complex consists of the Church of St. John the Baptist ", Tower-Bell Tower and Court Doamneasca.

According to historical sources these great testimonies of history have their beginnings during 1468-1475. First document of the Royal Court in Piatra Neamt appears in a document issued in the year 1491, when Stefan cel Mare makes Shh Iasi Monastery three villages "which were from our courts around the stone".

Initial constructions were not significant, it was not until after the year 1480 was raised on old buildings led to the formation of constructive and architectural complex today. Thus, the Church which is dedicated to St. John the Baptist "was built in 1497-1498, and the Tower-Bell Tower was erected in the year 1499 from rough stone having a height of 19 m long this tower was the tallest building in the city, where you can observe the whole valley of the Bistrita Valley.

Also, the Princely Court of Stefan cel Mare is still preserved fragments of the southern side of the enclosure wall and the north-western corner of the Palace cellars that comprise a room access, a long corridor and four galleries. These premises House Philly Museum today.

The Princely Court of Piatra Neamt and has fulfilled specific functions until the 17th century, after which her role has decreased and since the 18th century, it has been subjected to a comprehensive process of degradation that went on until the early 19th century.

Location: P-ta Stefan cel Mare nr. 1, loc. Piatra Neamt, jud.Neamt


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The Princely Court

Beautiful edifice of Stefan cel Mare is still preserved today in the city of Piatra Neamt being known as the historical center of the city. More

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